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Trail horses for sale

Trail riding classes are some of the most popular events in Western riding. Like many other Western competitions, they developed from the practical equestrian skills that were required every day for centuries in remote parts of America. Preparing for trail riding classes is still a great test of the partnership between horse and rider, even though many of the challenges they will encounter in the show ring may not be the classic ones found on the trail! A horse that is well-prepared for trail riding has a good foundation for other Western activities. A successful trail horse will not only be valued for its performance in these classes but also for its potential in others, making the well-trained competitive trail horse a good prospect for buyers who want to focus on Western riding.

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Quarter Horse, Gelding, 5 years, 15 hh, Gray Safe Trail HorseTrail
Floresville, TX
5,000 $
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Other Breeds, Gelding, 12 years, 14.1 hh, Chestnut-Red Trail - Leisure - Western
Littlestown, PA
6,500 $
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Percheron Mix, Gelding, 4 years, 17 hh, Tobiano-all-colors Beautiful & Sweet, Gentle giant
Trail - Driving - Western
15,500 $
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Rocky Mountain Horse, Mare, 13 years, 14 hh, Brown Beautiful Rocky Mountain MareTrail - Western Pleasure
Wellsville Ohio
2,000 $
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Rocky Mountain Horse, Mare, 13 years, 14 hh, Brown Beautiful Rocky Mountain MareTrail - Western Pleasure
Wellsville Ohio
2,000 $
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Quarter Horse, Stallion, 9 years, 15 hh, Roan-Blue Doc's Tri is an amazing true blue roan horse
Trail - Leisure - Racing horses - Ranch riding
Mount Vernonn, Kentucky
10,000 $ ONO
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Gypsy Horse, Mare, 9 years, 13.1 hh Trail - Leisure - Western
3,000 €
~ 3,518 $
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More ponies/small horses Mix, Mare, 15 years, 14.1 hh, Bay-Dark Sweet character mareTrail - Jumping - Eventing - Endurance
1,500 €
~ 1,759 $
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Palomino, Gelding, 6 years, Palomino Trail - Western Pleasure
2,500 £
~ 3,440 $
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Cob, Mare, 11 years Trail - Western Pleasure
2,000 £
~ 2,752 $
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Missouri Foxtrotter, Mare, 3 years, Palomino EXCEPTIONAL Foxtrotting Filly - DARK Palomino
Trail - Leisure - Jumping - Endurance
Lebanon, MO
8,000 $
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Friesian horses, Gelding, 7 years, 15.2 hh, Black Trail - Western
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
4,000 €
~ 4,690 $ ONO
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Quarter Horse, Stallion, 2 years, Roan-Red Trail - Western - Western Pleasure - Western Hunter
15,000 €
~ 17,588 $ ONO
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Quarter Horse, Stallion, 2 years, Roan-Red
15,000 €
~ 17,588 $ ONO
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Characteristics of Trail horses

Trail horses need to be confident, sure-footed and reliable. While these qualities may occur naturally in individual horses, they are also abilities that can be trained and developed. In fact, encouraging the horse to deal confidently with many of the hazards found in a trail riding class can form a useful part of the training of any young horse, whether ridden Western-style or not. It’s all about the relationship and bond between horse and rider. It encourages agility and increases the horse’s ability to focus and have assurance in its own abilities as well as those of its rider.

Trail horses: The Best Breeds for this Discipline

Many American horse breeds, having been bred to work on trails in remote areas, still maintain the qualities of good horse sense and surefootedness that were required when they were working horses. These include the American Quarter Horse, the Morgan Horse and indeed all stock horse breeds. However, preparing for trail riding competitions can benefit any and all breeds and types of horses, from cobs to ponies. The larger and more demanding events will be ridden Western style, with horses expected to walk, jog and lope, but there is no reason why any show should not take cues from Western trail riding and set up a class of its own. Having a horse or pony of any breed that is well prepared for trail riding can only work to the benefit of both horse and rider.

Trail Horses in Equestrianism

In the days when people were dependent on horses in everyday life, sometimes riding every day, they would frequently encounter certain hazards. These might include low-hanging branches, narrow twisting trails with steep inclines, ditches, pools of water and logs that the horse had to step over. They would have to cross narrow bridges and perhaps ask their horses to sidestep away from potential obstacles. Horses learned to have confidence in tackling these hazards by watching other, more experienced horses, and by building trust in their rider. The first competitive trail riding classes simulated many of these features in an arena. Today, many informal trail riding classes take an even more imaginative approach to the activity, with flowerpots, shrubs and even live animals, such as llamas or goats, that the horse has to pass - this can be extremely challenging! The rider may be asked to take a coat on and off, or open and close an umbrella while still on horseback. The horses can be asked to walk over a tarpaulin on the ground or weave in and out of coloured poles or cones. Backing and turning on the forehand or hindquarters are also essential moves. Preparation is key to success in the competitive trail class. As part of the programme of classic Western showing events, trail horses will be expected to compete in Western saddles and bridles, and their riders in Western clothing. Competitive trail riding is not confined to the arena, either. Horses and riders may be expected in some cases to participate in an actual trail ride of several miles, during which they may meet some real and unexpected hazards, such as a large or noisy bird flying out in front of them.