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Fire brigade operation: horse gets stuck in gate

by Jil Wiedemann
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The fire brigade had to rescue a horse from an awkward situation. The animal wanted to cross a gate in the paddock. During the attempt, it got stuck and stood with its front legs on one side and its hind legs on the other.

The fire brigade from Frankfurt (Germany) had to rescue an animal. A horse wanted to jump over the paddock gate. However, it did not manage the complete jump and got stuck. The front legs were on one side of the gate and the hind legs on the other side. The animal could not free itself. The owner also had no chance to help the horse out of the predicament. She called the emergency services and the fire brigade arrived.

The gate was firmly anchored in the ground. With the help of hydraulic shears, the struts were cut and the horse was freed. A veterinarian was also on the scene and treated the injured horse.

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