Chique hengstveulen met super gangen (Governor x Voice) .

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Horse for Sale
ID: 1371583
5,000 €
Foal (04/2017)
Private vendor
5435XM Sint Agatha
Person in charge:
Sybe Frowein
+31 (0)653432002

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Horse for Sale
5,000 €
Foal (04/2017)
Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland
5435XM Sint Agatha


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Chic Colt (Governor x Voice) born 22-04-2017.

Chic colt by Govenor from a Voice Mare the grandmother is an NMK merie with 97 points of which has produced multiple stallions IBOP there are also multiple sports horses in the ZZ, ZZL, LT.

Foals of grandmother (Ubis x Joost)
  • Granadam 1988, v. Boston, Mare, Z-dressage, predicates: adopt
  • Icaria 1990, v. dawn, mare is Z-elite sport dressage (dr) and NMK-Netherlands champion, 3 x champion of Brabant and has the small Tour-dressage horse Patron (v. Lancet) and Survival (v. Lancet) Prix Saint George/Inter 1.
  • Juwel, 1991, v. Emilion, Mare, international jumping horse 1.40 m, Predicates: sports (spr)
  • Karina, 1992, v. dawn, Mare, Z-dressage, predicates: Elite, Sport (dr)
  • Lancaria, 1993, v. Lancer II, Mare, M-dressage, predicates: Star, prok
  • PIA, 1997, v. Weyden, Mare Ucari and mother of (Kennedy) semi finalist Pavo Cup and Victory (Gribaldi) semi finalist Pavo Cup, mother of Zanzibar (v. Ronaldo) that Prix Saint George/Inter 1 with rider Diana Ostariz performs.
  • Regent, 1998, v. Kennedy, KWPN Stallion, designated operation research
  • Sire Adar, 1999, v. Kennedy, gelding, dressage
  • Wisper, 2000, v. Krack, gelding, ZZZ-dressage
  • Uptown, 2001, v. Kennedy, Stallion, approved Stallion KWPN and Oldenburger. Operation figures: Step 8.5 8.5 8.5, trot, Gallop, Construction 9. Uptown in 2006 was 5th at the World Championships for young dressage horses Verden.
  • Vassal, 2002, v. Jazz, Stallion, approved Stallion Selle Francais
  • Winston, 2003, v. Jazz, KWPN Stallion, designated operation research
  • Zarina, 2004, v. OO Seven, Mare, predicates: Star, Prok

If you are interested you can call 06-29057662 to 06-53432002 b.g.g.
Chique hengstveulen (Governor x Voice) geboren 22-04-2017.

Chique hengstveulen van Govenor uit een Voice merrie de grootmoeder is een NMK merie met een IBOP van 97 punten welke meerdere hengsten heeft voortgebracht tevens zijn er meerdere sportpaarden in het ZZ ,ZZL,LT.

Veulens van Grootmoeder (Ubis x Joost)
  • Granadam 1988, v. Boston, merrie, Z-dressuur, predikaten: Keur
  • Icaria 1990, v. Dageraad, merrie is Z-dressuur elite sport(dr) en NMK-kampioen van Nederland , 3 x kampioen van Brabant en heeft het lichte Tour-dressuurpaard Patron (v.Lancet) en Survival (v.Lancet) Prix Sint George / Inter 1 voortgebracht.
  • Juwel, 1991, v. Emilion, merrie, internationaal springpaard 1.40 m, Predikaten: Sport (spr)
  • Karina, 1992, v. Dageraad, merrie, Z-dressuur, predikaten: Elite, Sport (dr)
  • Lancaria, 1993, v. Lancer II, merrie, M-dressuur, predikaten: Ster,prok
  • Pia, 1997, v. Weyden, merrie moeder van Ucari en(Kennedy) halve finalist Pavo Cup en Victory (Gribaldi) halve finalist Pavo Cup , moeder van Zanzibar (v. Ronaldo) die Prix Sint George / Inter 1 met de ruiter Diana Ostariz presteert.
  • Regent, 1998, v. Kennedy, hengst, aangewezen verrichtingsonderzoek KWPN
  • Sire Kendy, 1999, v. Kennedy, ruin, Z2-dressuur
  • Wisper, 2000, v. Krack, ruin, ZZZ-dressuur
  • Uptown, 2001, v. Kennedy, hengst, goedgekeurd Hengst KWPN en Oldenburger.Verrichtingscijfers: Stap 8.5, Draf 8.5, Gallop 8.5, Aanleg 9. Uptown werd in 2006 5e op de Wereldkampioenschap jonge dressuurpaarden Verden.
  • Vazal, 2002, v. Jazz, hengst, goedgekeurd Hengst Selle Francais
  • Winston, 2003, v. Jazz, hengst, aangewezen verrichtingsonderzoek KWPN
  • Zarina, 2004, v. OO Seven, merrie, predikaten: Ster, Prok

Heeft U interesse dan kunt U bellen naar 06-53432002 b.g.g. 06-29057662


Mr. Sybe Frowein
Hertraksestraat 14
5435XM Sint Agatha Netherlands
+31 (0)629057662
+31 (0)653432002
+31 (0)485311734

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KWPN is an abbreviation for the studbook of the Dutch Warmblood: "Koninklijke Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland". The dam line of this breed originates from the domestic, heavy breeds Gelderland and Groningen horse. The home-grown mares have been crossbred with stallions from other warmblood breed ...more
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