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Typvolle Wallach mit Potenzial

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The origins of the Westphalian breeding lie in the founding of the state stud in Warendorf in 1826, the Breeders' Association itself was founded in 1904. By the end of the Second World War mainly heavier workhorses were bred there, which were used as carriage horses by farmers.Initially, a variety o ... More about the horse breed Westphalian
5 years
16.1 hh
Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V.
is broken-in
is lunged
is easy to load
vet-check incl. x-rays available
Competition experience
Halter accustomed
Stands for the farrier
Directly from the breeder
Equine Passport available
No eczema


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Forever suprise ist ein selbstgezogener Wallach von Fidelius,,mit einer top Abstammung. 
Er überzeugt einerseits durch seinen sehr braven und unerschrockenen Charakter, andererseits durch seine qualitätvollen Bewegungen und seine Ausdruckstärke. 
Forever suprise ist super rittig und toll in der Anlehnung, arbeitet immer super mit. 
Sein Ausbildungsstand ist Dressurpferde A / A Dressur.  Er ist mit genügend Go ausgestattet, und trotzdem zu jedem Moment klar im Kopf und durchlässig. 
Ein tolles junges Ausbildungspferd, auch für höhere Herausforderungen.
Ein sehr guter Röntgen-TÜV liegt bereits vor.
Direkte Verwandtschaft zu Rieke 116 und Solist R es sind beide S-Sieger.
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Forever suprise is a home-bred gelding by Fidelius, with a top pedigree. 
On the one hand, he convinces with his very well-behaved and intrepid character, on the other hand with his high-quality movements and his expressiveness. 
Forever suprise is super rideable and great in leaning, always works great with. 
His level of training is dressage horses A/A dressage.  It is equipped with enough go, and yet clear in the head and permeable at all times. 
A great young training horse, also for higher challenges.
A very good X-ray TÜV is already available.
Direct relationship to Rieke 116 and Soloist R are both S-level winners.
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Forever surprise è un castrone allevato in casa da Fidelius, con un pedigree di prim'ordine. 
Da un lato, convince per il suo carattere molto educato e intrepido, dall'altro per i suoi movimenti di alta qualità e la sua espressività. 
Forever surprise è super guidabile e ottimo in piega, funziona sempre alla grande. 
Il suo livello di addestramento è il dressage dei cavalli A/A dressage.  È dotato di abbastanza go, eppure chiaro nella testa e permeabile in ogni momento. 
Un grande giovane cavallo da addestramento, anche per le sfide più alte.
È già disponibile un ottimo TÜV a raggi X.
Il rapporto diretto con Rieke 116 e il solista R sono entrambi vincitori di livello S.



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