Safety rules for selling and buying horses

Please pay attention to the following simple rules when selling or buying a horse in order to ensure an ideal sales process:

No money in advance

A request for advance payment almost always represents a fraud attempt. Never transfer money in advance!
This also counts for cash transfers (e.g. via Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow, etc..). In these cases there is the possibility that your money is withdrawn with false documents and gone forever. The resulting damage will not be refunded in this case!
Please remember: You take a big risk with a transaction as you do not know the recipient. Thus cash or credit transfers are not suitable as a payment system when buying a horse.
Even if the transaction is in favor of a friend / relative you are still not protected against fraud! Only few details are enough for a fraudulently alleged seller in order to withdraw your money with fake papers. Our advice: Never do payments in advance!

Be careful with electronically transmitted documents

Electronically transmitted documents (sent certificates via email, vet check results, etc. ..) can easily be faked! They basically do not offer absolute security. Assure yourself locally by examining the horse itself and / or demand an up-to-date vet check before buying the horse.

Beware of cheque fraud when buying or selling a horse

Also as a seller you should protect yourself form possible fraud: When processing the sale of a horse sellers are sometimes surprised by bad cheques. Therefore, never accept cheque payments or an offer to buy via cheque!

If you – as a seller – will receive a cheque (mostly from abroad) with an amount higher than the agreed one, then you have to expect a fraud attempt. Never, under no circumstances, retransfer the difference because the cheque is probably stolen or forged – even if it stands first examination.

Fraud via SMS or eMail ("Phishing")

Unfortunately, it is technically possible to spoof the sender's address of an eMail. So, there is a possibility that you receive an eMail with ehorses.com as the (apparent) sender, in which you will be prompted to give away confidential data (credit card number, passwords, your ad number, etc.) or false facts are deluded. In this case, please immediately contact our support. support@ehorses.com
During the payment process you enter, as a seller, your credit card number or your bank account number and BIC. This data will only be used for the payment of your ad! ehorses.com will query again at no time – neither by eMail nor in any other way!
fraud by SMS: If you receive a text message with the sender 'ehorses.com' then it is undoubtedly a fake! ehorses.com basically sends no SMS.

How will the purchase / sale of a horse be transacted?

ehorses.com is not involved in the purchase procedure and will not know who buys or wants to buy a horse by whom. Generally, ehorses.com does not make recommendations concerning the use of certain payment methods – all sales related agreements are negotiated between buyer and seller. Therefore, ehorses.com is not able to make a statement about the buyer's reliability; we do not have any information on that. If you still receive an eMail (with ehorses.com as an apparent sender) with statements about trustworthiness of a buyer, then it involves a fake!

So, if you want to buy a horse or sell a horse then please take a few simple rules to heart and your horse sale or purchase of a horse will be a satisfying success for all parties involved.