Offering / selling horses?

Would you like to list a horse on ehorses?
Simply select 'list a horse' and carefully fill out the following form.

The form is divided into 6 steps as follows:
1. Specify login information
First, create a password. Using this and your email address, you can log in at any time and manage or change your advertisement as you like.

2. Enter general data
Here, you have to enter all the necessary data about your horse and your contact information.
3. Images and videos about your horse
Here you can add up to 20 images and 4 videos to your horse advertisements for free. This can be done quickly and easely by directly uploading from your computer. It is possible to edit the uploaded images afterwards. (rotate, cut, change position)

4. Choose additional options
Here you have the possibility to add extra options to your horse's advertisement. These will upgrade your advertisements by featuring them and presenting them more prominently, which will result in a higher sales success rate.
5. All data at a glance
Here you will find all entered data of your horses at a glance. In addition, you have the option to print your advertisement by using the print preview.
6. Ready
Your advertisement is complete and unlocked. From now on it will appear on our marketplace. You will receive an automatic email to the address you have provided including all data of your advertisement.

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How long will my advertisement be up?

Free advertisements always have a duration of 90 days. You will be informed via e-mail when your advertisement ends. You have the possibility to put your advertisement online again (without re-entering all the data) or to extend the duration of your ad before it even ends. Off course, you can permanently delete your ad at any time.

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How can I pay charged options?

We provide different payment methods:
1. By Debit Entry (a German bank account is required)
    We will collect the charges from your account. Safe and easy.
    Your entered data will not be transferred to third parties and only used
    by ehorses for the payment process.
2. By Credit Card
    Your entered data will not be transferred to third parties and only used
    by ehorses for the payment process.

3. By PayPal
    Use established methods such as PayPal to pay for your advertisements. Safe and easy.
Your data is protected by up-to-date security features on ehorses. ehorses never transfers data to third parties.
Of course, you will receive a bill via email for the accruing charges.

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I'm interested in a horse. What is the next step?

The first step is to contact the seller if you have found a horse you are interested in. Each ad on ehorses is provided with a contact form to contact the seller directly. The seller will immediately receive an email with your request data and message and is able to respond to your questions. Both sides (potential buyer and seller) can always check their conversation history. A link to this can be found in every request that is sent.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to reach the seller directly by phone. The phone number is also displayed in the contact details of the horse's advertisement.

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A seller is not responding to my requests. What can I do?

If you get no response to a horse despite several requests, please contact us( support@ehorses.com or phone +49 54 01-88 13 200) and leave the ad ID and your phone number. We will check the advertisement immediately and forward additional contact details of the advertiser to you if necessary.

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How can I find a horse that fulfills my special needs and wishes?

With the detailed search function on ehorses you can search for specific criteria (e.g. height, age, color, type, etc.). Be sure to make your search as specific as possible and try to be realistic concerning your wishes, your needs, and your own skills.

The search results will only display horses that match your criteria.

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Is it possible to save interesting horse ads to look at them again later?

With the ehorses wish list you can save all interesting horse ads. With this option you can compare horses easier or save ads to look at them later again. Every horse ad has a little heart button. Just one click and the desired horse is saved on your wish list.
Tip: To use the wish list, register at ehorses with your email address and create a password. As a registered user, you can access your personal wish list from any computer at any time.

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Is it possible to change / delete already placed advertisements?

Of course you also have the opportunity to change or delete an already placed advertisement. To do this, you need your email address and password.
In order to log in click on 'Login' in the menu.

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Is it possible to renew expired advertisements?

Do you want to renew your expired horse advertisement? No worries. Once your ad has expired, you will receive a notification email. Within this email, a link is included with which you can renew the ad.

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What's the premium charge?

As a premium seller you have more advantages than standard sellers.
The premium account is suitable for private sellers and enterprises that:

  • want to sell multiple horses regularly
  • don't want to miss out on professional marketing and sales strategies
  • want a professional representation of themselves (an own webpage on ehorses)
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How can I advertise on ehorses?

Advertising on ehorses is effective. ehorses is Europe's leading horse market on the internet and is enjoying a steady and continuous growth of popularity. With us, you have the ideal opportunity to promote your horse-related website, products, services, etc. in order to increase your turnover continuously.
Of course there are many different ways to advertise on ehorses. From a banner campaign up to direct newsletter marketing. You will find all advertising options at a glance here: media data. We would love to work with you to create your personal advertising campaign.

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