Person in charge: Steph V. Paarden
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We breed Frisian horses, Baroque Pintos and Frisianmix horses for over 40 years now. From our stud in the Netherlands near Leeuwarden we have many beautiful horses for sale. Our horses live a dream horse life: in spring and summer in the nature reserve close to the Wadden Sea and on large meadows. In winter, they live happily in the group barn. This makes our horses very well socialized. Our horses are not yet trained/broken, which also means that they have not had any bad experiences. Fulfill your dream with one of our Frisians, Frisian mix or Baroque Pinto horses.
Main focuses

Dressage horses, Stallion at Stud, Driving horses, Leisure horses, Show jumpers, Eventers, Western horses, Breeding horses, Baroque horses

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