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Welcome to the world Fuives. Donkey of Catalan Breed
Here you will find our current sales donkey, as well as more information about us and our offers. We will help you to find the right Catalan donkey for you. If you have questions about our Catalan breed donkey for sale, you can contact us.

The Guarà Català The Catalan donkey is called Guarà and is similar to the Asinus europeus, yet it has the following special characteristics: large proportions, energetic and laid-back temperament and short and soft fur. This species has its origins in the regions of Berguedà and Osona, and its distribution in Cerdanya (northern Catalonia) and southern France is due to the efforts of the Gassó family. Distinctive features of the Catalan Guarà: his figure is characterized by long, tight and movable ears that can reach 42 cm, large and lively eyes and a descending snout. The color of the coat is black, except in the armpits, belly and around the eyes and the muzzle is white or silver. He is between 1.35 and 1.64 meters tall and weighs between 350 and 400 kilograms; and is, so to speak, an all-terrain vehicle that is used to tow logs in the forest where the machines are not operational. The donkey calves a total of 15 young donkeys over their entire lifespan, taking into account that they can reproduce after two years and that the gestation period is 12 months. After delivery, the donkey mare is exactly ten days fervent.

We also manage the purchase of donkeys of other breeds in Spain: Andalusians, Zamorano-Leonés, Crusaders

For further information please contact: FUIVES, S.L. JOAN GASSÓ I BERTRAN Passeig de la Pau, 23 08600 Berga (España) Tel: +34 646 492 310 www.fuives.com fuives@fuives.com