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With the ehorses-newsletter, we deliver twice a week the current horses for sale, interesting magazine reports, event tips and other offers of ehorses to more than 153.000 subscribers. We offer you placements in the form of prominent positioned editorials and content ads, or a permanent integration as text ad.
  • native integration in content
  • Subscribers are open up for advertisement and interesting actions
  • really high click rate
  • big, organically growing distributor
Our video ads combine a thematical relevant brand perception with a huge reach. Inform multimedial and emotional and push the purchase intention of the users. With video advertising on ehorses you will attain your target audience and illustrate the use value of your products.
  • Really good click rate
  • favourable TKPs
  • target group oriented play out
  • measurable results
Position yourself as an expert in our ehorses magazine. Magazine- and blog articles will be advertised in the ehorses social-media-channels and in the Newsletter. A high acceptance and dissemination of your target audience will be achieved through the editoral value. The more polyvalent and interesting the content is for the readers, the better is the result for the advertising customer
  • Mediation of expertise
  • link building
  • positiv brand perception
  • demand generation


Kira Schwarzkopf
Kira Schwarzkopf
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Lena Büker
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