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Conditions of Participation Photo Competition

1) This photo competition is organised by ehorses GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as ehorses or the organiser).

The prizes will only be paid to the companies/clubs registered at the time of participation, no cash payment of the non-cash prizes.

2) Participants who own unrestricted copyrights and rights of use and whose motifs do not conflict with the legal provisions of the country of origin, legal provisions of the European Union or the personal rights of persons depicted may upload photos. The photos themselves as well as short descriptions of the photos can be managed via the personal user account. If possible, the photos should be uploaded in full resolution with a maximum file size of 22 megabytes (MB). The permissible file format is .jpg. The photos should not contain a watermark or signet.

3) The organiser of the competition reserves the right to delete photo entries that deviate grossly from the thematic specifications. There will be no notification of the deletion of the pictures.

4) By participating in the competition, the user grants ehorses a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free right of use to all content posted by him/her, including uploaded files, for any kind of exploitation, in particular for storage, duplication, distribution and making available to the public, also outside the online platform, e.g. in printed media. The transfer of the rights of use shall thus also apply to a use in other media and formats, such as e.g. newspapers and also in advertising. ehorses shall in particular be entitled to use the posted contents itself and/or through third parties, e.g. by partially or fully integrating the posted contents on other websites (e.g. social media), in apps, emails, print marketing campaigns. The user allows ehorses to edit and redesign the posted content and to translate it. This applies in particular to adapt the posted content to the formats and presentation required for use, to translate it or to improve its quality. ehorses is also entitled to publish advertising in or near the content posted by the user. The transfer of the rights of use by the user shall be free of charge. ehorses is entitled to transfer the rights of use transferred to it to third parties against payment or free of charge. When transferring the rights of use, the legitimate interests of the user shall be taken into account. The transfer of the rights of use by the user to ehorses shall be for an indefinite period of time and shall be irrevocable. ehorses shall transfer the right of use in such a way that a use may be made without a copyright notice. The user assures to be allowed to grant such rights.

5) The user shall indemnify ehorses against all claims of third parties and other users which they assert against ehorses due to content posted by the user on the online platform, including uploaded files, provided that the user is responsible for the infringement. The indemnification includes in particular the costs of a necessary legal defence as well as damages. In case of a claim against ehorses, the user is obliged to provide immediately, truthfully and completely all information which ehorses needs for the examination of the claims and the defence.

6) By participating, the participant confirms that he/she is the author of the uploaded photos and thus has unrestricted rights of use to the photos. The participant further confirms that the photos uploaded by him/her are free of third-party rights; in particular, that all identifiable persons depicted agree to the aforementioned uses and that third-party property rights are not infringed by these uses. The participant hereby indemnifies edogs.de against any claims by third parties.

7) The participant agrees to his/her name being mentioned as the author.

8) No fees or remuneration will be paid for the publication of photos within the framework of the publication conditions.

9) Withdrawal of photos from the competition by the participant is possible at any time by sending an e-mail to support@ehorses.de.

10) By uploading the photos, the participant agrees to the conditions of participation. The legal process is excluded.