Blackshire Equestrian Centre

25911 Emery Ave
Randolph, Minnesota 55065
United States
+1 (0)6512481317

Welcome to our sales page!
Blackshire is an equine breeding facility in Minnesota. We breed Friesians & Friesian Sporthorses, Irish Draughts & Irish Sporthorses and Warmbloods.
We are an equine breeding facility located in Southeast Minnesota; approximately 30 minutes from St. Paul or 45 minutes north of Rochester, MN. We are 30 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.
We stand several stallions at stud including the purebred Friesian stallion Martzen; the purebred homozygous black and tobiano Gypsy stallion Lazarus and the purebred Approved Irish Draught stallion Beeston Laird.
We always have quality prospects (Irish/Friesian/Gypsy) available for sale including now a wonderful selection of World Class bred Warmblood Offspring. We do have a selection of dressage bred mares as well as jumping mares and can provide an amazing young horse that will excel in dressage or jumping.